Worm¬† infestation is a very common health problem.¬† It can lead to anemia, malnourishment, impaired mental and physical development; and also pose a serious threat to children’s health, education, and productivity.

Parasitic worms like round worm, pin worm, hook worm etc spread to humans through untidy hands, unhygienic practices and poor sanitation facilities.

These small worms are barely visible to the naked eye, but the discomfort level and illnesses caused are varied in intensity and seriousness. An untreated worm infestation can even result in the host’s death.

Deworming is a process which helps get rid of these worms. Experts say that children from the age of two (2) and adults should be dewormed once in every 6 months.

Our ZZATAB deworming medicine contains 2 tablets of Albendazole 200mg each. It is highly recommended to help get rid of worms.

Use ZZATAB, Be Worm Free!!!

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